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2/ April 24, 2014 The Buckner Clarion Positively impacting community news Submitted by Alderman Darrel Box Historically, spring has been a time of new beginnings. As the brown and gray of winter give way to spring's green and blue, it's a time of rebirth and starting anew. Youngsters across the country take to baseball diamonds and hope the season spells victory. Gardeners plant seeds in the ground and nurture young plants in hopes of an autumn harvest. And here in Buckner, we have a new newspaper, The Buckner Clarion, to bring a fresh perspective on the day's events that spring forth rich, new ideas. I have called Buckner home for most of my life and I am excited about our future. The city is in the process of constructing a new municipal building to support efforts to revitalize downtown. The Clarion is here to help revitalize the dialogue in our community. In my 40 plus years in the community, I have seen the Villager come and go and more recently the Gazette has attempted to keep citizens updated. I think it is essential that our citizens are kept informed to support community efforts to thrive and grow. As I reacquainted myself with the word "clarion," in one instance the word was defined as loud and clear. It is my hope that as you incorporate The Clarion into your world, that it will serve as a loud and clear source of what is happening throughout the area. An educated and informed citizenry is essential to a high functioning democracy. As you decide who should represent you, not only local city officials but higher offices as well, it is my hope you take some time and acquaint yourself with the issues. The Clarion will be a great source of information. So what is the takeaway? One: Things are changing for the better in Buckner. Two: The best way to shape the future of our community is to be involved. This involvement doesn't always have to take the form of serving on committees or attending meetings, sometimes it is as simple as being informed. The Clarion will be your conduit for information regarding the events around town. Please invest a few moments of your time to look the paper over and to know what is going on. If you read something that you feel strongly about, I encourage you to contact your alderman. It would also be nice if you would support the advertisers. These businesses are a source of local jobs and growth in town. Have a wonderful Easter season and spend a second giving thanks for the blessings in your life. Hollis Schnieders Staff Writer, Ad Composition Jessica Mauzey Staff Writer Tempest Wright Staff Writer Jennifer Foster Freelance Writer Marjorie Langas Graphic Support Randy Leiker IT Support Tonia Wright Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Tell us how we're doing online or on Facebook. The Buckner Clarion is published by Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. 325 Broadway Lexington, MO 64067 660.259.3700 or 866.824.1020 (press 0) is the online arm of this print publication. A special thank you to our advertisers in this issue: Barton, Hall & Schnieders, P.C. BCR Roofing & Remodeling Buckner Collision Buckner Surplus Children's Mercy City of Buckner Park Board Dean Construction Co. Dean Motor Co. Lafayette Regional Health Center Red Cross Pharmacy

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