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November 6 , 2014 Vol. 1 Issue 14 Hats Off to Bobby and Ed Buckner Clarion PRSRT STD ECRWSS U.S. POSTAGE PAID EDDM RETAIL Local Postal Customer The Medicaid expansion advocates hope that 2015 is the year the Missouri legislature will hear the voices of the 300,000 Missourians who fall into the coverage gap. These people make too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to qualify for cost-saving subsidies through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. The Missouri legislature had two opportunities to pass Medicaid expansion and failed to get it done twice. According to expansion advocates, among many things, lives hang in the balance. "We've lost a lot," said Michelle Trupiano, director of Missouri Medicaid Coalition. "Several studies say that as a result of not passing Medicaid expansion in Missouri, 700 lives have been lost every year. I believe we have lost lives, we have lost quality of life for many people who don't have access to health care and maybe don't have access to medication and other services. As a result, they are leading less fulfilling lives because they are too sick." Joe Pierle, chief executive officer of the Missouri Primary Care Association, said not passing expansion affects Missouri's economy. "The bottom line is that health care is an economic engine in almost every community in Missouri. Our failure to move forward with a Medicaid solution is going to put rural and urban health systems at an economic disadvantage to states around us. I'm not an economist, but it's very simple—states like Iowa, Arkansas and Kentucky, where they showed great leadership and found a solution—health systems in these states are going to be richer." But that's not all. Pierle said that Missouri may have another issue: "I wouldn't be surprised if they try to start [poaching] our providers. (Continued on page 5) The Breakfast for Burns benefit was held Saturday, October 25 at Buckner Town Hall. The purpose of the event was to help Ed Burns, public works superintendent and park director for the City of Buckner, raise money to offset costs for medical expenses. Burns, who is battling cancer, was honored at the event that was attended by about 200 friends and family members. The event included a pancake breakfast and raised $2,500. Bobby Dean, owner of Dean Motor and Dean Construction, was also on hand. Dean, who recently suffered a massive stroke, is currently in recovery and doing well. "Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who made this benefit a success," said Jessica Mauzey, staff writer at The Buckner Clarion. "Both Burns and Dean are pillars in the community who make a difference in every life they touch. They both are greatly respected and cherished." (L to R: Bobby Dean and Ed Burns) By Tonia Wright 300,000 Left Behind Without Medicaid Expansion

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