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Victims Unit may make her the task force's "secret weapon." Press materials go on to describe the task force's adversaries as Heron "Oso" Coello, allegedly third in command and a fiercely devoted family man who would do anything for those he loves; Rob "Preacher" Kimmons, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage fighter, seven-time Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) veteran and allegedly The Alliances' enforcer; Hasone Essary, an ex-convict with a mysterious past who reformed himself when he got into the tattoo business; Matt "One-Eye" Brooks, a "ladies' man" with a roller coaster past who has been loyal to the Monk brothers, another task force adversary. The show pits the Task Force (good guys) against The Alliance (bad guys). "The Alliance threatens to [overtake] Buckner, Mo. Outlaw Country sits shotgun for the ride as The Task Force attempts to thwart their alleged illegal operations at every pass, doing whatever it takes to break this assemblage of bandits and their stronghold on this town," the press release reads. 2/ February 12, 2015 Is Buckner Outlaw Country? New Reality Show Pits 'Bad' Guys Against Police Heidi Koger Proofreader Jessica Mauzey Staff Writer Photographer Morgan Nail Contributing Writer Tempest Wright Photography & Video Marjorie Langas Graphic Support Randy Leiker IT Support Tonia Wright Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Tell us how we're doing online or on Facebook. The Buckner Clarion is published by Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. 325 Broadway Lexington, MO 64067 660.259.3700 or 866.824.1020 (press 0) is the online arm of this print publication. A special thank you to our advertisers in this issue: City of Buckner Dean Motor Company The Firm Insurance Group, Inc. Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. Red Cross Pharmacy Premiering Tuesday, February 24 at 9 p.m. CST on WGN, Outlaw Country is deemed as a "new original, unscripted series" filmed in Buckner, Mo. According to the show's press kit, Outlaw Country provides an "unprecedented look at a small town under siege in a real-life ride-along, with a street crew and the elite task force of law enforcement agents assembled to take them down. Buckner Mayor Dan Hickson said the show's producers felt Buckner was the perfect setting for the show and was very impressed with the nice people. "The production company did pay the city a fee for using the buildings and costs for fuel for using city vehicles," Hickson said. "During production, the cast and filming crew also spent their money in Buckner at our local businesses." Hickson added that members of the production company spent $1000 at the Mayor's Christmas Tree Auction last year and then donated the items back to the organization for a second bid. As for the new reality show, brothers Mike Cook, Buckner police chief, and Steve Cook, special investigator, are joined by Edward "Fingers" Jaunch and "JD" Dillman, the out-of-state law enforcement specialists and federal agents on loan to the Buckner Police Department to lead their criminal task force. Additional cohorts include Sergeant Marisa Barnes, "a no- nonsense, single mom with some interesting associations," (according to the show's press materials); Larry Parham, a decorated police officer and "known expert in rural gangs;" and Buckner Major of Police Heather Clancy, whose experience with the Special "We're thrilled to be partnering with WGN America on this 'groundbreaking,' unscripted series," said Jason Hervey, co- founder of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television. "Bringing this fascinating subculture to life through these compelling characters, supported by our amazing production team and their talented execs, make this documentary series next level, on every level," Hervey states in the press release. As for what benefit this show brings to Buckner, Hickson said, "It's our hope that the show will help to promote Buckner and bring people to our town. We are excited and hope that this brings a level of tourism to Buckner." Hickson praised the show's production team. "Jason Hervey, (executive producer) Chucky Lynch (producer) and the entire production crew has been easy to work with and very accommodating. Jason Hervey is one of the most down-to-earth individuals I've ever met and I now consider him a friend." Check out the trailer above for a sneak peak.

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