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The February 26, 2015 Vol. 1 Issue 21 Positively Impacting Community News Twins Position for Success Jessy Leavell (left) and Jackie Leavell (right) excel both academically and in their favorite sports – volleyball and track and field. By Morgan Nail The Buckner Clarion advocates students achieving success, and Fort Osage High School seniors and fraternal twin sisters, Jessy and Jackie Leavell, are an example of students who work their hardest. Residents of Buckner, Jessy and Jackie live with their aunt and uncle, who adopted them, and their four brothers. The twins have attended the Fort Osage School District since the 6th grade. Both girls are heavily active in sports and excel academically. Between them, Jessy and Jackie play volleyball, track and basketball, and both are on the school's honor roll. Fitting in time for schoolwork with such busy schedules can be challenging, but the girls have a method for making sure they maintain their grades. "We have time in between practices and games to get homework done, that way we don't have to worry about it afterward," Jessy said. Jackie admitted that sometimes there will be late nights, but the work always gets done. Jessy attributes much of her athletic success to one of her favorite leaders, Coach Barrett. "He's really my inspiration for volleyball and the reason why I want to keep going with it in the future," she said. Academically, Jessy said it's her competitive nature that drives her motivation for success. "I'm kind of a competitive person - actually, I'm a really competitive person. I always like to compete in everything, including having better grades than everyone," she said jokingly. Jackie said it's one of her brothers who inspires her, both athletically and academically. Her love for track was influenced by his prominence in the sport. "My brother is really good at track and I follow in his footsteps," she said. "He's really smart, too. I just try to do whatever he does academically and try to do as well as he does." While the girls agreed that high school has many enjoyable facets, including socializing and playing sports, they also admitted it can still be challenging. "Sometimes the hardest part can be fitting in with everyone else," Jessy said. Because the students within the Fort Osage School District are so diverse, "there are a lot of cliques," Jackie said. "There are lots of different types of people, but if you are able to do your work and everything, you can get through it pretty easily," Jessy said. During the teenage years, adversities and distractions are normal, but Jessy and Jackie agree that effective time management is how to stay ahead. "I get my work all done ahead of time, doing it in classes where I don't really have anything to do, that way it all gets done before I even leave school," Jessy said. Jackie's advice includes setting specific times to do everything. "You have to set time aside to do homework and time to hang out with friends. You just have to keep stuff separate," she said. When faced with adversity, Jessy said, "I just try to get along with everyone - not necessarily be friends with everyone - but not disliking anyone, either." She also cites abusing technology and rushing toward adulthood as issues in the teenage world. "I think at this age, technology has a big part in conflict. And I think kids (Coninued on page 2)

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