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February 2016 | Vol. 2 Issue 36 - a Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. Publication P o s i t i v e l y I m p a c t i n g C o m m u n i t y N e w s FIND US ONLINE Should We Believe the Hype? In This Edition Missouri FFA Members "GOT TALENT" PG 2 CHRONIC TRAUMATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY TBC takes a look at concussions in sports. Read this article on pages 4-5 Red Cross Pharmacy's Lids4Kids program gives back over $48,000 to local schools in 2015. PG 2 CTE: Inconvenient Truth or Hype? PG 4 A Big "Thank You" to the Community Services League PG 6 Diabetes: Foot Care is Important PG 2 TBC Newsstand coming to Buckner soon! "People think that we are blowing this out of proportion, that it is a very rare disease and we are sensationalizing it." Neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee - VA Boston Healthcare System

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