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2 | February 2016 Heidi Koger Proofreader Regina Creason Freelance Writer Jessica Mauzey Contributing Writer Marjorie Langas Graphic Support Angel Colon Developer/Programmer Randy Leiker IT Support Tempest Wright Intern Tonia Wright Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Tell us how we're doing online or on Facebook. The Buckner Clarion is published by Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. 325 Broadway Lexington, MO 64067 660.259.3700 or 866.824.1020 (press 0) is the online arm of this print publication. A special thank you to our advertisers and sponsors in this issue: The Firm Insurance Group, Inc. Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. HCC of Rural Missouri Live Well Community Health Center - Buckner Red Cross Pharmacy Over 4500 first-year Future Farmers of America (FFA) members from more than 320 Missouri high schools had the opportunity to learn about being positive role models, how to get involved, sound decision making, how to become active team members and make a positive difference in their lives, school and community at the annual Greenhand Motivational Conferences. These conferences, presented by the State FFA Officers and sponsored by MFA Incorporated, were held in January throughout Missouri. Through interactive workshops and skits, the State FFA Officers encouraged first-year FFA members to explore their talents and reach outside their comfort zone for the opportunities provided through FFA membership. They helped the new agriculture students set goals for their education, careers and FFA experience. Eighteen conferences were held at 13 different locations throughout the state: University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg; Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green; Truman State University, Kirksville; Sullivan High School, Sullivan; Three Rivers Community College, Poplar Bluff; Missouri State University, West Plains; Lincoln University, Jefferson City; Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau; Waynesville High School, Waynesville; Missouri State University, Springfield; Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph; University of Missouri, Columbia; and North Central Missouri College, Trenton. The FFA is a national youth organization of over 629,000 student members preparing for leadership and careers in science, business and agriculture technology with 341 chapters and more than 25,800 members in Missouri. The FFA strives to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. The State Officers of the Missouri FFA Association recently conducted eighteen Greenhand Motivational Conferences in Missouri. Seated from left to right (Front row): Vice President Hunter Corman, Willow Springs; Past State Officer Samantha Marre, Elsberry; State Secretary Alex Stichnote, Ashland; Vice President Rylee Streit, Holden; Vice President Maggie Voisard, Mid-Buchanan; and Vice President, Ty Whittaker, Miller. (Back row): Chase Foster, Tori Stitt, Karlie Mormino, Adriana Gist, Kaylee Dixson, Cheyenne Kurtz (OG), Seth Mayo, Levi Myers and Jaymes Larson. Since Lids4Kids was launched in late 2013, it has grown to more than 85 schools and has given back more than $80,000 directly to local schools. Scott Hartwig, President/CEO says he is excited on how quickly communities have rallied around the Lids4Kids program and have come together with us in helping support local communities and schools. "I cannot tell you how proud it makes us feel as a company to be able to give back to the communities we serve, as well as helping make a positive difference in children's lives." The Lids4Kids program is the driving force of Red Cross Pharmacy's KidCare program. The KidCare program was first introduced as a free children's vitamin program which provides children from K-5th grades a free monthly supply of children's multivitamins. In late 2013, the KidCare program was enhanced by adding Lids4Kids. Lids4Kids allows adults and/or PTO/PTA organizations to collect specially marked Red Cross Pharmacy lids. Lids are deposited in collection bins in their local school. Each lid collected is worth 25ยข. Red Cross Pharmacy is committed to ensuring that the children in our communities get the nutrients they need to grow and thrive, while also giving back financially. About Red Cross Pharmacy: Red Cross Pharmacy, Inc. is family-owned and has been serving patients and customers in Missouri since 1854. The corporation employees over 280 people and consists of 14 retail pharmacies, two long-term care pharmacies, as well as two home medical equipment companies. Red Cross Pharmacy strives to be the best employee-minded, patient-focused, service-driven pharmacy organization that provides a variety of goods and services to enhance care in the categories of pharmacy, health and wellness, and home medical equipment. Red Cross Pharmacy, Inc. has no connection or affiliation with the American Red Cross. Red Cross Pharmacy's Lids4Kids program gives back over $48,000 to local schools in 2015. Pharmacy & Your Health Diabetes: Foot Care is Important Diabetes is defined as high blood sugar in the body. Either the pancreas is not producing enough of the hormone called insulin or the body is not responding properly to the insulin present. Insulin regu- lates the amount of sugar in the blood. Keeping blood sugar at a normal level is important to prevent any complications from develop- ing. If the sugar level stays high for a long period, problems such as neuropathy and foot problems can occur. Poor circulation can occur in the foot from a longstanding high blood sugar causing damage to the blood ves- sels and decreased blood flow to the foot. This can weaken the skin, cause infection, and form open sores known as ulcers. Maintaining blood sugar under control is important to prevent damage to other parts of the body. For painful diabetic neuropathy treatment, antidepressants such as amitriptyline and duloxetine are sometimes prescribed. They are generally used to treat depression, but they may help manage nerve pain. Anticonvulsants, such as Lyrica, are used to treat seizures, but may also be used to manage neuropathy pain. If a foot is in- fected, antibiotics may be needed to kill the bacteria.

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