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High-tech health care news that keeps you in the loop. Health HCC Launches Telehealth Diabetes & Depression Program With one in 10 people diagnosed with depression and more than 25 million adults battling diabetes, the health care community is looking for ways to get ahead of these diseases. The Health Care Collaborative (HCC) of Rural Missouri has launched a Telehealth Outreach Diabetes and Depression program for individuals with diabetes, depression or both. "Telehealth allows us to use a variety of techniques to reach out to those dealing with diabetes and/or depression," said HCC Executive Director Toniann Richard. "The technology allows us access to programs across West Central Missouri that focus on these conditions. We can then 'televise' these initiatives for individuals participating in the program so that they can join in via TV, while staying close to home." The telehealth program is offered at no out-of-pocket costs to participants. Adults 18-years-of-age and older may participate, including those who are insured, uninsured or on Medicare or Medicaid. "Our objective is to eliminate common barriers to access to care," Richard said. HCC, based in Lexington, MO, will reimburse health care providers for the cost of the program. Health care facilities participating in the program include: Ÿ Carroll County Memorial Hospital and Clinics Ÿ I-70 Community Hospital and Clinics Ÿ Lafayette Regional Health Center and Clinics Ÿ Pathways Community Health Diabetes and depression are often co-occurring diseases, as diabetics are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than the general population, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Although there are no out-of- pocket fees, participants will be asked to take periodic assessments to measure the effectiveness of the program, which continues for 36 months. The program aligns with a push for health care providers to provide a "health home" model for their patients. For instance, Pathways has integrated a coordinated system of care to provide whole health services. Partnerships with I-70 Hospital, Lafayette Regional and Carroll County, among others, enable patients' mental and physical conditions to be addressed. "The telehealth program is one more way we are working together to solve health problems in the area," said Pathways CEO Mel Fetter. "Through this collaboration, we are able to provide care for individuals—both mentally and physically—who may not have the means to seek care otherwise." Participants will receive both telehealth and face-to-face doctor's visits. For information or to enroll, contact the HCC at 6 6 0 . 2 5 9 . 2 4 4 0 , The three-year program is funded by a $450,000 grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Health Visit us online for the latest health care news and feature articles. Connect with us on Facebook to discuss a variety of topics from changes in the health care law, to news and events in communities where you live and work, to telehealth and why this is a topic you need to know about. Participate in online surveys and polls, voice your opinions and help shape policy on issues such as tobacco prevention and cessation, among other initiatives. accessHealth is the only news source of its kind in West Central Missouri with a specific focus on health care. Send us your feedback on the topics we cover. Post your comments on Facebook or contact us online at:

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