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2/ Summer 2013 Seniors and ACA Additional benefits under the law accessHealth accessHealth Hollis Schnieders Staff Writer Marjorie Langas Graphic Support Preventive care services Annual wellness exams include: According to a recent Centers for ● Routine measurements Medicare & Medicaid Services (height, weight, waist (CMS) study, 70% of Medicare circumference, body mass beneficiaries had a least one index, blood pressure) chronic condition in 2008. As ● Review of medical and family many as 38% had between two history, medications and and four chronic conditions and care by other providers 7% had five or more. ● Personal risk assessment including mental health The study also suggests that conditions patients with multiple chronic ● Review of functional ability conditions are 60% more likely and level of safety, which to be hospitalized than a includes cognitive beneficiary with a single chronic impairment and depression condition, and 30% more likely screening to require home health services, ● Medicare schedule for the with an average of 76% more next five to 10 years that office visits per year. includes screenings and preventive services The Affordable Care Act, signed ● Advice and referral services into law on March 23, 2010, has to address and treat expanded Medicare benefits for potential health risks seniors. On June 1, 2011, ACA eliminated Part B coinsurance 5 Things wants and deductibles for many you to know about ACA: preventive services, like: 1. Medicare coverage is ● Bone density measurement protected. Medicare isn't part of ● Hepatitis B vaccine the Health Insurance ● Tobacco cessation Marketplace established by ACA, counseling so no one has to replace their ● Medical nutrition therapy Medicare coverage with ● Pap tests Marketplace coverage. No ● Pelvic exams matter how one receives Medicare, whether through ● Mammogram screening Original Medicare or a Medicare ● Most screenings for Advantage Plan, the same colorectal cancer benefits and security still apply, ● Ultrasound screening for no changes are needed. abdominal aortic ● Prostate-specific Antigen In most cases, there is an (PSA) tests advantage to signing up for or ● Diabetes screening keeping Medicare: ● Cardiovascular disease ● Marketplace coverage may screening be more expensive. ● Seasonal flu vaccine ● There may be penalties for ● Pneumonia vaccine Medicare Parts A, B, and D ● HIV screening for late Medicare enrollment. ● There are no tax credits or The law also added an Annual cost-sharing to lower costs, Wellness visit with a doctor of or these benefits will be lost choice at no cost to the once eligible for Medicare. beneficiary. 2. Beneficiaries receive more preventive services, for less. Medicare now covers certain preventive services, like mammograms or colonoscopies, without charging you for the Part B coinsurance or deductible. 3. Doctors get more support. Care coordination enables additional resources, support and consistent treatments. 4. Beneficiaries can save money on brand name drugs. Those in the donut hole receive a 50% discount when buying Part D covered brand name prescription drugs. The discount is applied automatically at the pharmacy counter. The donut hole is projected to close completely by 2020. 5. ACA contends that Medicare is protected for years to come, and that the life of the Medicare Trust fund will be extended to at least 2029—a 12-year extension due to reductions in waste, fraud and abuse and Medicare costs. CMS says this will provide beneficiaries with future savings on premiums and coinsurance. Report Medicare Fraud: ● Office of Inspector General, 800.447.8477 TTY: 800.377.4950 ● Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), 800.633.4277 TTY: 877.486.2048 Randy Leiker IT Support Tempest Wright Teen Health Writer Photography Tonia Wright Publisher, Editor-in-Chief We want to hear from you! Let us know how we are doing on Facebook, Twitter @accessHealth1 or write: accessHealth News c/o Grace Advertising 325 Broadway Lexington, MO 64067 accessHealth is published by Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc. 325 Broadway Lexington, MO 64067 is the online arm of this print publication. A special thank you to HCF for supporting the following nonprofits in this issue: Migrant Farmworkers Project Samuel U. Rodgers

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